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I truly enjoy being a professional web designer, learning new technology, researching design, and all facets of production. Most of all I enjoy working with clients and helping them to understand the nuances of the technology so they can make better, more informed decisions.

I created my first website in 1996 before images in web pages, before Netscape, and way before Internet Explorer arrived. While web browsers have evolved to handle more complex code, at the foundation of most websites today is much of the same HTML code from 1996.

While my design style has evolved over the years I have remained focused on the needs of the client and end users. Being an HTML expert ensures sites I code are built on a solid foundation. The result is unique and creative solutions on time and on budget.

Before the Internet arrived, I worked for several small businesses in marketing and a few large corporations in sales. Having owned and worked for small businesses, I understand marketing is essential to success but that it must be done in measurable, cost effective ways. As a stockbroker at a smaller firm, I received extensive sales training focused on understanding what drives individuals to buy. With a larger national brokerage firm, I learned how to build lasting client relationships based on trust and also gained an understanding of corporate politics.

I combine my general business/marketing background with years of web design experience to provide targeted and effective solutions.

Outside of work I have been an avid skier since I was a kid and a windsurfer for almost 20 years. It was these two passions and a job offer that drew me to the San Francisco Bay Area in the mid-nineties. The catalyst to leave Chicago was stepping a nasty slush puddle during a driving snow storm in March - enough winter!


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Tom Angsten
All dressed up . . .

Tom Angsten - London
In 2001 I lived in London while managing projects for BP.

Tom Angsten Windsurfing
Windsurfing is my ultimate thrill.

Tom Angsten Windsurfing
Skiing & snowboarding provide winter thrills.

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