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Clients Marketing Drive

Marketing Drive specializes in promotional marketing for large corporate clients such as Visa, Palm, & HP.

The Project:

Visa needed a high exposure extranet site for member banks to be produced quickly to meet promotional deadlines. I was contracted to produce the site from provided art files per the Visa intranet guidelines within a short timeframe.

The Results:

Working closely with the agency Art Director, I produced the initial HTML templates from the provided Photoshop files.

During production, I worked closely with the agency Project Manager and Technical Liaison to ensure content integration went smoothly. During site review with Visa, several rounds of changes and edits were performed with immediate turn around to meet deadlines.

During site delivery, I worked closely with the the agency Technical Liaison to ensure the JSP coded site integrated correctly with the Visa intranet. In three weeks the 50 page site was designed, produced and live to member banks.

Marketing Drive
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