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Trust Me . .

Trust. It is the number one element when hiring a skilled technician from an auto mechanic to a plumber to a web developer. Can you trust the person you hire? Do they know what they are talking about and are they really looking after your best interests?

My goal with all clients is to develop an ongoing relationship based on trust. I do this by listening to clients to clearly understand their needs and using my years of experience to provide honest, cost effective solutions that work. I don't have kickback deals with host providers, I don't push any one technology, I deliver the best solution for the project using time tested procedures.

Team Approach

Looking for a solution for a larger project with advanced technical issues? I have experience building and managing teams to develop complex large-scale sites. While I can't do it all, I have a solid understanding of all aspects of development and am experienced in translating confusing Internet terms to help clients make informed decisions. With 7+ years of industry experience, I have a long list of talented contractors ready to make your project a success.

Team Player

Is your team assembled but you are one person short? I am very comfortable working with other agencies and developers to help get a project done on time and on budget.



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San Franicsco, CA

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