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Timelines are are short and attention to detail is critical. Experience is what sets me apart. I understand an assignment quickly and work fast.

I have completed numerous projects for large agencies with larger clients and understand the pressures involved and expectations from many levels. I use time tested procedures and precisely document all time spent on a project.

Typically I assist agencies in the production of a website, Flash movie or other digital production. I have experience as one member of a large project team and as the entire interactive team for smaller agencies or print designers.

Beyond production I have extensive client facing experience, design & usability skills, and other services that can be provide upon request.

My goal with each agency or designer is to become a valued resource that can be counted on to deliver in the crunch.

F E A T U R E D   C L I E N T
Marketing Drive
Marketing Drive
I have worked on several web and Flash projects for Marketing Drive.
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