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Corporate Intranet & Extranet Design Consulting

White the techniques used to create an intranet site are very similar to Internet sites, how intranet sites are used is often much different.

For basic informational corporate intranet sites, ease of use and low maintenance costs are often keys to success. But where many companies are creating efficiencies is transforming offline procedures to intranet or extranet applications.

While I have experience writing basic applications, my core expertise is providing design and usability consulting for more advanced applications. Back-end development companies typically do not employ advanced designers to match their programmers, and the project focus is typically not on usability. The result is often a great application that end users don't know how to use.

I work with clients to understand how an application is going to be used. Typically, demo HTML sites are developed to refine the design and workflow. Mock sites are also useful to get corporate sponsorship for new initiatives.

Throughout the process, I work with engineers to understand the development environment. Upon final approval of the demo site, I deliver rock solid HTML templates and work with engineers to implement designs in a phased approach. This approach reduces the number of the revisions to the final application when adjustments are much more difficult and expensive for back-end programmers.

F E A T U R E D   C L I E N T
Ethan Allen Travel
Applied Materials
I provide ongong intranet design and usability consulting for AMAT. Projects have included demonstration sites, informational sites, intranet applications and extranet interfaces.
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